A look back and to a fresh 2012!

News: A look back and to a fresh 2012!

Posted on December 28th, 2011 by William Duijzer

Last year has been a super exciting one for Supersteil. We have been very busy creating good work and had the pleasure working with a variety of great clients. As the year closes, we would like to write a little blog post about everything we did last year. This is just a reminder for ourselves that we actually work hard and make good stuff, sometimes you forget that when you’re in the middle of all it :)

New clients
Last year Supersteil got to work for several great new clients, something we love to share of course!

It started with the great news that Supersteil was chosen by the RET to redesign their website. We started with their homepage after which we did the whole site. It is currently in development and we are looking forward to the release!

In August we had the honor of pitching for a new service Pathé was releasing. We gave all we had and Pathé recognized our passion which made them choose us to create the User Experience for Pathé Thuis – a video on demand platform. We designed the web-interface as well as the TV interface which can be found on all Samsung Connected TV’s. It was released this month and we are proud of the results. There was a great buzz around the release and we got some lovely feedback from Pathé and from users. We love to see it grow and are excited about what the future holds for this platform.

Another great win is Sound of Data. You might not have heard of them, but you surely used one of their products. Sound of Data offers services for Customer Care, Travel and Media. An example is the voting-systems for TV-shows like ‘The Voice of Holland’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. They also create solutions for the travel industry. Supersteil had the honor to build their new website and create and amazing new look for their online presence. More info in a few weeks.

As you might have noticed, Supersteil is also creating great apps for iPhone and iPad. This year our first app was for LCKR, a kids wear brand. LCKR wanted to bring their collection to the iPhone and iPad and asked Supersteil to create and interactive experience for their brand. Read more about it here.

Supersteil started out doing a lot of Flash work back in 2007, in 2011 we didn’t loose that skill. We know there is a lot being said and done about the use of Flash, but we believe it is still a great technique to create amazing experiences. If you choose it right, it can deliver what you aim for. For Syntens we did an amazing project where we created a world with a custom build rollercoaster. To create such a world we decided to step away from our computer and to create it by hand. That was sometimes a painstaking process but it resulted in an awesome project which will be live in a few weeks.

For Wijntraining Online we build  an interactive e-learning experience; people can learn about wine in a playful manner. This is a immersive experience with more than 32 interactive maps, several multiple choice questions, 200+ recipes with matching wines and about 6 certificates you can earn. Read more about it here.

Supersteil’s own initiatives
2011 is also the year in which Supersteil decided to create own products. Because we are a creative agency, ideas pop-up all the time. When we encounter a problem, multiple solutions are generated within hours. Supersteil doesn’t want to loose all that creativity and ideas so we spend time and money to make the great ones happen. You might have heard from them earlier but here some more about them.

The first is Statusboard. We are working with Basecamp for our project management and we needed an overview of the running projects in our office. Because we are digital people we couldn’t handle writing down every project on a white-board. So we decided we needed to build a Statusboard ourselves. We intended it to be for internal use but the reactions on Twitter were overwhelming so we created a sign-up page to see if people would use it. We stated that if 500 people would sign up for the service we would make it public, and that happened. Within two days, actually. We didn’t see that one coming, but it was clear that people would love to have it. In the next months we started building Statusboard and released it for a public beta in November this year. Currently we have several thousand users and we are looking for possibilities to extend functionality and integrate more widgets into Statusboard.

Some great achievements from Statusboard:
- Nominated for The Next Web Dutch Startup Awards
- Featured in October issue of Webdesigner (leading webmagazine in The Netherlands)
- Rewarded with several awards on sites like Inspirationfeed.com, Campaignmonitor.com, Designmodo.com and CSSburst.com
- Mention on more than 20 blogs like betali.st. popthecampaign.nl and the official .me registry blog.
Haven’t signed up for yet? Do it now! (Basecamp users only).

Another product we build is Showcase; your own portfolio on the go. This long-awaited iPad app was released last week! It was created out of a need we had for ourselves (to show work on places without internet and with a good resolution). It took us a while to create it but we are very happy with the result and already getting great feedback from the community. We are planning to take it to a higher level, in the beginning of 2012 we’ll see how it works out. Follow Showcase on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates.

In the news
Last year we got some great coverage on the internet and in some magazines. There are some stories we would like to tell you more about.

The fist is the authorization bug we found on Twitter. Simon, Senior Developer at Supersteil, was working on a widget to connect Twitter to our Statusboard. He did some research on the OAuth technique and found out that when you connect to Twitter and only give access to read your tweets, it actually gave the developer access to all your information including your direct messages. It had to do with the new Twitter that would be released and we found out about it. Within hours articles about the discovery were written on sites like Mashable , Techcrunch, Tweakers, Twittermania and of course shared on Twitter. We got several responses from Twitter itself and more than 4 million Twitter users were reached.

We were also featured in .Net magazine, one of the largest magazines in the web-industry. The magazine asked three leading designers to mock up an engaging site that will draw in the crowds. You can read all about it in this blog-post.

New faces
Supersteil not only grew in clients, projects and great work but also with people. We are thrilled to have seen some new faces around the office in 2011. Reneé officially became part of the team, as an interactive project manager, to manage different projects and to make sure we deliver on time. Another face we’ve been seeing a lot lately is Bob, a superb developer who is now working with us. He has already built some amazing projects, like Who’s in Who’s out.

We also had the joy of working with some great interns like Niels, Mark and Kelly.

Of course we could go on for longer and tell you every detail of this year but this post was meant to be a recap of the year. It is already longer than I imagined so I’ll stop writing now.

We would like to thank all our clients, people who show us love and everyone who is inspiring us and putting trust in Supersteil as a partner. We wish all of you the best for 2012 and hope you have a stunning party to celebrate the new year.

Thanks and a Happy new year!

Supersteil team.

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